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 The Laws of The three Worlds

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Shin Kurosaki


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PostSubject: The Laws of The three Worlds   Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:41 pm

This was Originaly Written by Shroud Kuchiki. This is an Updated, and more understandable Version

First, The site is designed to have Fun, ruining a player's experience is forbidden and will result in a Ban. Why because this a Free community where you don't know the real Guy, so cut him some slack.

Second, Meta Gaming is Cheap, The use of it though it will not result in a Ban, We will Take away/Murder your character. The use of a Dead Character will result in a Ban. So when your character dies, post a new one.

Thirdly, Use your Creativity when posting, but don't exagerate. We have seen lots of ''Out of this World'' Characters and they are now currently Deceased.

Forthly and Finally, Do Not Post if you intend on writing 2 lines. A minimum a 5 lines are required. If you write below 5 lines, we will complete your Text. What will we write though might not make you happy.

Fifth, Propositions for changes can be made in the Council Section. A vote will be proceded between the Admins and Random Members

Oh and one last Thing, Be litteral. I dislike the use of sentences like <<I ran with my dog. It was Fun.>>...WTF.

Finally, you can be cool While having Fun.

For Honor, I shall Fight to the end of all conflict.
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shroud kuchiki


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PostSubject: Re: The Laws of The three Worlds   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:08 pm

there will now be a chatbox, this will allow you to talk with every one and the admins, there are no limits of what you can talk about but if there is any vulgar abusage the admins will entervine with your problems for what you say will become our problems.

the eternal darkness within the world will bring about war and hatred.
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The Laws of The three Worlds
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