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 Dead Souls

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Shin Kurosaki


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PostSubject: Dead Souls   Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:56 am

This is where I shall Take part in the indexation of Dead Souls


Zero Hitsugaya

He is a Hollow and Arrancar known as The Espada's no 6. He attained the Vastro Lordes form. His Zanpakuto is known by the name of Kuragia Akuma (Dark Scythe Demon). This Hollow has Ressurection Stage 2

On Stage One or Ressurection One: His Zanpakuto takes the form of a Scythe which can be used to grasp a hold of your dark powers, it can also slice people inside and out! Your dark abilities allow you to reach into your enemy's head and arrange it however you please

On Stage Two or Ressurection Two: He can still use the scythe... but he gains the zanpakuto's demon wings and it's tail. While Stage One is very powerful, in this form he can also take on the power to travel through dimensions. Stage Two is "Kura Aidagai Akuma"(Dark Dimension Scythe Demon).

He is granted a "Death Ray Cero" that can do a blast on a 100m radius on a distance of 5 km, this can kill anything on touch.


name zach shisomaru

race shinigami

rank squad 10 lieutenant

shikai create a dragon of fire

bankai a dragon of fire equipes it self to zach and every slach shot magma and zach teleports in your back

Zanpaktou's name Hinoteringu


Tensa Kuruichi

Substitute Shinigami from the human world.

Tokoyonokuni Kusabana is my Zanpakuto, a blade the lenght of a long black katana that emits a Cherry red glow. When it is swung, it's balance and sharpess produce the sound that ressembles the wind...

My Shikai is known as Ketatamashii kuroibara or Percing Black Rose. A blast of concentrate energy or spiritual pressure (known also as reatsu) that resembles a dance of petals. It's color is of a cherry red. As a Vizard, with my mask, My Shikai reduces in sizes, while it seems to spiral and curve when it is fired. It's color is more violent as it is composed of black and a dark red (Blood red). Though it is reduces in sizes it is about 50 times more concentrated and more powerful.


For Honor, I shall Fight to the end of all conflict.
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shroud kuchiki


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PostSubject: Re: Dead Souls   Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:02 am

Hingmo Thegany

Hingmo is an Arrancar who fights with a special Kido Gun. It was make for him so he could harness Kido even being a a Hollow. As an Arrancar he also Possess a Zanpakuto, called Ganyoto That allows him to shoot Ceros with more accuracy. Also He fires Head seeking Bullets with his Zanpakuto

A suprising ability inhabites Thegany the ability to absorb fired Spirit Particules and return them in a concentrated shot. At this Stage, He returns
times 18.

With His Zanpakuto Awaked, He gains indestructable armor. He has mastered the arts of Sinodo, a hollow version of Flash Step.

This Character often prefer to write in French, Translations can be asked Through MP

the eternal darkness within the world will bring about war and hatred.
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Dead Souls
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