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 Known Souls

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shroud kuchiki


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PostSubject: Known Souls   Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:43 pm

These are the Character Sheets

-You are allowed to read and comment.
-You must update your Character Sheet whenever a change in the Characters abilities or Personal Data occurs.

Any Meta Gaming that linkes to information contained in those Sheets Will Be severely Punished.

the eternal darkness within the world will bring about war and hatred.

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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:55 pm

Hingmo Thegany

Hingmo is an Arrancar who fights with a special Kido Gun. It was make for him so he could harness Kido even being a a Hollow. As an Arrancar he also Possess a Zanpakuto, called Ganyoto That allows him to shoot Ceros with more accuracy. Also He fires Head seeking Bullets with his Zanpakuto

A suprising ability inhabites Thegany the ability to absorb fired Spirit Particules and return them in a concentrated shot. At this Stage, He returns
times 18.

With His Zanpakuto Awaked, He gains indestructable armor. He has mastered the arts of Sinodo, a hollow version of Flash Step.

This Character often prefer to write in French, Translations can be asked Through MP

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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:25 pm

Name: Maegis
Race: Humain Freelancer and Wanted Rank A
Shikai: Moon Ray
Bankai: Moon Slash
Secret Power: White Night Revival.

Moon Ray: The time itself is stopped for all living things in the Moon Ray
Moon Slash: Invisible Slash at Night of a full Moon that send to the void everything that is cutted.
White Night Revival: After the Death. a Shadow version of the User will be created and take possession of a being and transform the body to make a copy of the User that was dead.

After causing a great mess in the soul province. Maegis is well known for hes silent killing and cold heart.
The records say that hes human but rumors tell that he is possessed by a Hollow and the only way to revive it is to kill 10 000 Child.
There is only 2 human that have seen him in action and still live today.
They say that the god itself is holding hes enemies.

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shroud kuchiki


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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:16 am

name: shroud kuchiki

race: raizard(special case)

zanpakuto: kurayami raitingu oni

reserection shikai :transformes from a sword to a sythe of white and dark colours, it takes the form of a Scythe which can be used to grasp a hold of your dark powers, it can also slice people inside and out! Your dark abilities allow you to reach into your enemy's head and arrange it however you please and you can use a technique that absorbs your spiritual pressure and release's it as a high impact densaty beam(ryoga tengai).

resurection bankai: able to fuse two enteties to create a new one with the combined powers, you gain the zanpaktou's demon wings and its tail. in this form you can also take on the power to travel through dementions.

reserection tengai: a mountain of reastu wrapes aroud you and become stronger than anyone could imagine, and you gain the ability to transform your weapon however you like and you gain youre hollow mask but the white scars become dark red.

hollow mask: a black and mask with white scars near the eyes that boost the strengh of my attaks.

this was the shadow figure that caught the weapon of an arrancar espada class.
he is know for he's agility and speed , and became the 6 captain but he ran from the ideals of the soul society to the humain worldbearring the kuchiki name with him.

the eternal darkness within the world will bring about war and hatred.

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Alyster Lie


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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:50 am

Arrow Name: Alyster Lie

Arrow Race: Traveller, shinigami

Arrow Age: Unknown, but surely more then you can count in your entire life.

Arrow Weapon: His whole body is a deadly weapon. He knows all the karate techniques (kung fu, teak-wondo, tessenju, etc.), and moves almost light-speed. He doesn't use a weapon to block your attacks: he dodges them. He can move so fast that you would almost say he'd teleport. Plus, he has a great strength; he can easily break a sword made of steel with his own hands, a black sword writen heaven and hell

Arrow shikai: not unlock

Arrow bankai: not unlock

Arrow Powers: - High-Speed Combat -> He can almost move at light speed when he fights.
- Great Strength -> Though he's not muscled, he has a great strength. See example above.
- Side step -> Cause he's a traveller, Alyster Lie can easily pass from one dimension to another whenever he wants. He just has to concentrate on his destination, and "Whoop", he disappears. He often uses this trick to escape harsh combats when he finds foes who are more powerful than himself, which doesn't happen very often.
- Immortality -> He simply cannot die by the effects of time, which has no effect at all on him. Though, he can be killed in any other manner.
- Mind Strength -> Alyster Lie's will is so grand, and he has acquired so much knowledge in his millions of years of existence, that he cannot be mind controlled, unless he's physically very tired or his foe has a greater mind, or, of course, many people unit their forces against him.

Arrow A brief history: Alyster came in this dimension to explore, because there are so many different worlds, though he's near a billion years old, he didn't explore more then 1% of them all. So he's still searching for new things to learn, new civilizations to dominate, and new fights to win. His race, Traveller, gave him his Great Strength, his High Speed, his Side Step and his Immortality. He developped his Mind Strength by himself, during millions and millions of years of training. His great age, too, gave him his mastering of his body, and now he can fight better than the best fighter ever seen on the Earth, and that, with one hand. Alyster Lie now knows so many things, and has seen so many strange places and people, that nothing surprises him anymore. So he's came in this dimension to explore, and what he has found seemed interesting to him. The best warriors he had ever seen in his entire life lived here, and some of the greatest treasures of knowledge of all these universes lied in this world. So he said: Why not? And he's here.

P.S.: If you want to know more about Alyster Lie and the many worlds he has visited, just MP me, and I'll make a short story about one of his adventures in the Characters' Background section.[b]
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Lavi Walker


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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:52 pm

name Lavi walker

race shinigami

rank none

shikai the zampacto because a gaint hammer that stricks of various element

bankai none

Zanpaktou's name tsuchikyuuzou
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Shin Kurosaki


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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:58 am

Soon to be revealed....

For Honor, I shall Fight to the end of all conflict.
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PostSubject: Re: Known Souls   

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Known Souls
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